Janssen notes less criticism about his selection at the Orange: ‘I see it as positive’

Vincent Janssen is also back in the Orange squad before the matches against Poland and Belgium, which, according to the striker, went quieter than the last time. The last international period was also part of the selection, but then he had planned his wedding in the first days of that time with the Orange.
Because of his wedding, Janssen, who was still playing in Mexico at the time, was postponed last time by national coach Louis van Gaal. But the striker came to the Netherlands on his own initiative one day after the wedding party. The preparation is now a bit less hectic. โ€œOf course, that was a very nice time, but also very hectic,โ€ says the attack leader to the Algemeen Dagblad. โ€œIn the end, me and the national coach had each other on the phone and it was resolved quickly. Sometimes thats how football works, a lot has happened since then.โ€
Now Janssen is playing for Royal Antwerp, a lot closer to home than Mexico. A choice that he made wisely. โ€œWhen I heard about that project, I started thinking. Of course, it
s important that Im closer to home now, my friends and family will be here within 1.5 hours. Things are going really well here now and I hope I can take my shape of Antwerp with me to Orange.โ€
There is also significantly less to read about Janssen
s selection now. Last time, there was quite a bit of criticism when it became known that, after almost five years, the striker was back in the final selection of the Orange. โ€œLast time, there was a lot to say about me, there were different opinions. I havent heard that one anymore, so I see that as a positive thing.โ€

Unlike the last time he joined the Orange squad, Vincent Janssen has heard few opinions about him. โ€œI see that as a positive thingโ€ (Premium) https://t.co/j7vsDlD2se
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