Janssen questions: ‘Ajax has 2nd team in KKD, let him play there’

Alfred Schreuder currently prefers the young Youri Baas to Owen Wijndal at Ajax. The trainer has his reasons for this, but it still raises raised eyebrows among RTLs analysts.
Visiting Napoli, Schreuder had the eighteen-year-old Boss fill in, while Wijndal remained on the bench throughout the game. Baas has actually been doing well for a long time. He is eighteen years old and is fit, Schreuder explained afterwards. Owen was injured for five weeks and hasn
t played for a minute in the last period, just in an exhibition game. I chose Boss, that wasnt against Owen. This is a Champions League-level game, we shouldnt forget that.
Brand new Vitesse assistant Theo Janssen doesnt quite understand Schreuder. If you have an international on the bench in such competitions and you want to bring quality, dont you always choose that international? Otherwise, its just a waste of money. Hedwiges Maduro adds: Baas was also allowed to fill in at Volendam, even though he had played at Jong Ajax a few days before. Thats also remarkable.
Janssen wonders why Ajax isnt doing more to get Wijndal competitive fit. Ajax is a big club and plays with its second team in the KKD. I think he can still play there. Then let him make minutes there. Then he is fit again, because Wijndal is a great player, isnt it? But maybe he trains like a wet newspaper, we could and we dont see that.