Janssen talks about future and first Orange performance in five years: Went well

Vincent Janssen looks back on a successful return in the Dutch team. When national coach Louis van Gaal called him, the striker of Mexicos Monterrey CF didnt hesitate for a moment. Janssen spoke to DecceIt with a smile.
Janssen played his last international match for the Dutch Team five years ago and then disappeared more or less out of the picture. At least, for the Dutch public. Shortly after Janssen celebrated his wedding, he flew to the Netherlands. Thats a crazy story yes. In the meantime, we know how it can go in football. You always have to be ready for moments like this.
I certainly wasn
t involved, but the craziest things happen in football. I dont think this was the craziest thing, but I do like to be there and show me. Its been hectic weeks, but in the end its been nice things. I think Ill be thinking later: what happened? But again: thats the life of a professional football player.
Janssen was important in two goals and looks back on a good international match. I thought it was going well. I have to fight for the ball and for the team. I
m trying to be a strong point of contact. It takes some getting used to being on the field with new boys again. The level is fairly high, so you have to adjust, that went well. I did my best and showed what I can do and that I can be important to the team in my way.
FutureJanssen is in the serious interest of the Belgian Antwerp FC, which has been watching him for some time. Ive had very nice years in Mexico for three years and Im still happy there, were going to see it in the coming days, Janssen laughs.