Japan Earthquake: 120 injured, thousands of households without water

More than 120 people were injured by the earthquake that struck the East Japanese area around Fukushima yesterday. The earthquake off the east coast with a force of 7.3 caused millions of people to run out of power, including in the capital Tokyo. The power supply has been largely restored, but thousands of households are still out of water.

The Japanese meteorological service believes this was an aftershock of the devastating earthquake that struck the same region in March 2011. Then the area was hit by a 9.0 earthquake, which then caused a tsunami that killed an estimated 18,500 people.

The earthquake and the tsunami also caused a nuclear disaster when the tidal waves damaged the Fukushima nuclear power plant, with all the disastrous consequences.

Alert for aftershocks

This time there would have been no problems at the nuclear power station. The damage appears to be limited elsewhere in the affected area.

However, train services to a large part of northern Japan have been shut down. Repairs to a train connection in East Japan take about ten days, reports the national television station NHK.

Local people are asked to be alert to multiple aftershocks in the coming days.

Pictures of yesterdays earthquake: