Japan is bracing for Haishen, hundreds of thousands have to leave home

The Japanese government summons more than 800,000 inhabitants of regions in southwest Japan to leave their homes immediately because of the arrival of Hurricane Haishen, reports the Japanese broadcaster NHK.

The country is bracing itself for the arrival of the heavy hurricane. A record amount of rainfall is expected. The authorities warn of floods, high waves and water levels and a lot of wind.

Trees on the island of Kikai are shaking heavily and streets are flooding:

Because of the storm, tens of thousands of households are without power. More than 500 domestic flights have been cancelled and train traffic has been disrupted.

“It’s one of the heaviest storms in Japan’s history. The meteorological institute predicts waves of ten meters”, said correspondent Kjeld German in the CCeit Radio 1 News

According to Prime Minister Abe, Haishen is now heading for the island of Kyushu, where the hurricane is likely to land. “There this storm is going to arrive Japanese time tonight,” says German.

Around 10.45 am Dutch time the center of the storm was near the southern island of Yakushima. Wind speeds of up to 252 km per hour are expected, reports Weerplaza.

The Japanese weather institute started warning residents three days ago, according to German. “The Japanese army has been using helicopters to evacuate people for days.” Also, 22,000 soldiers would be ready for rescue operations

Prime Minister Abe insists that people are in the highest state of preparedness. It is feared that the hurricane is just as severe as hurricanes that struck last year.

Last year, Hurricane Hagibis killed dozens of Japanese. Many people drowned, as rivers ran out of their banks.