Japan vaccination rates rise to above 50 percent

More than 50% of the Japanese population has now been fully vaccinated, the government announced today. 60 percent of the population is expected to be vaccinated by the end of September.

The Asian country began inoculating the population late compared to other affluent countries. The first pricks were put in mid-February, and in the first months the country faced a shortage of vaccines and great hesitation among the population. However, since the end of May, the rate of vaccination has increased considerably and 1 million vaccinations per day are now being put.

The Japanese government announced on Wednesday that it hopes to relax much of the corona measures around November. That means that fully vaccinated people and those with test proof can travel again without restrictions or attend major events.


Emergency measures are currently in force in Tokyo and eighteen other regions, which have been extended until September 30. Part of these measures is the advice to hospitality industry to close earlier and not to donate alcohol.

Japan hosted the Olympic and Paralympic Games in July and August, but most parts were not welcome to prevent virus spread. Foreign supporters were not welcome.

In December, Japan was scheduled to host the World Cup for club teams, but this week the country informed FIFA World Football Association to forgo it due to the coronavirus crisis.