Japanese billionaire gives away eight tickets for moon trips

A Japanese billionaire is going to give away eight tickets for a trip to the moon. Yusaku Maezawa, who made his fortune in selling clothes online, says in a video on Twitter that enthusiasts only have to meet two conditions: they need to โ€œexplore boundariesโ€ and help the rest of the crew do the same.

In 2018 it was already announced that Maezawa was the first person ever to book a trip to the moon. Thats what the Japanese did at SpaceX, the space company of American entrepreneur Elon Musk.


Initially, Maezawa wanted to take six to eight artists on the journey expected to take place in 2023, but on Wednesday it was announced that he had expanded the criteria for his fellow passengers. The 45-year-old billionaire said that he has realized that โ€œanyone who does something creative can be called an artist.โ€

โ€œ I invite you to join me on this mission. Eight of you, from all over the world,โ€ says Maezawa. โ€œI bought all the seats, so its gonna be a private flight.โ€ In total, according to Maezawa, there will be 10 to 12 people on board the lunar flight.

Interested parties must register no later than 14 March, the first screening will take place a week later. Maezawa did not provide any further planning, but he did report that the rest of the selection procedure in any case includes a โ€œassignmentโ€ and an online interview.


If SpaceX succeeds in bringing Maezawa and the other passengers to the moon, they are the first lunar travelers since the last American Apollo mission in 1972. Spacex top man Musk, who is also featured in Maezawas video, says he has every confidence that the flight in 2023 can take place.

Maezawa was in the news earlier because he posted an ad online to find a friend who wanted to travel with him to the moon. He eventually removed that unusual contact ad abruptly, despite the fact that around 30,000 people responded to it at the time.