Japanese “black widow” sentenced to the death penalty for murder of three lovers

On Tuesday, the Japanese Supreme Court confirmed the death penalty for Chisako Kakehi, the so-called black widow,: the Japanese woman poisoned three of her lovers with cyanide, to put their hands on their wealth. Local media report that Tuesday.

The decision of the country‘s highest judicial authority is not subject to appeal. The ruling comes after the appeal of Kakehi’s lawyers was rejected in 2019. The 74-year-old woman was found guilty of the murder of three men – with whom she was in a relationship, with one of them she was even married – and the attempted murder of a fourth man. She became notorious for her use of cyanide, which gave her the nicknames poison mixer and black widow, after the female spider devouring male spiders after mating.

Cruel crime

According to Japanese public broadcaster NHK, Supreme Court President Yuko Miyazaki said that the death penalty, which is being suspended in Japan, is inevitable because Chisako Kakehi‘s criminal responsibility is extremely serious . She administered the men cyanide after making them believe she was a life partner. That’s a calculated, cruel crime, based on the determination to kill, she added.

Sick men

Her lawyers claimed that Kakehi suffers from dementia and therefore she cannot be criminally responsible for her actions. However, the prosecutor thought she eliminated her lovers after making sure they gave her up as heir to their wealth. She focused on elderly or ill men. Some men met them through dating agencies, where she reportedly suggested that her potential partners should be rich and childless.

In more than a decade, Kakehi raised a billion yen fortune (around 7.6 million euros) of life insurance, real estate and bank deposits, but lost much of that fortune due to risky investments. She was arrested in 2014.