Japanese people want to get rid of Yoshiro Mori (83) after ‘female friendly comments’

Yoshiro Mori is no longer fit to act as chairman of the organizing committee of the Olympic Games in Tokyo. That‘s 60 percent of the Japanese population, according to a poll from the news agency Kyodo. Only 6.8 percent think he can stay on.

The 83-year-old Mori, former Prime Minister of Japan, was compromised this week by condescending remarks about women. He had said that women have been speaking for far too long during meetings and expressed his irritation. Mori apologized at a press conference, called his comments โ€œinappropriateโ€, but immediately added that he would not leave.

His statements led to great indignation on social media, both at home and abroad. A petition that called for action against Mori soon received tens of thousands of signatures. Among others, Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka denounced Mori’s objections.

The Tokyo Olympic Games were postponed by one year because of the coronapandemic. The skepticism among the Japanese to continue the event this summer is growing visibly. More than 80 percent of the Japanese would be against it.