Jarig FC Groningen talks to doubtful Robben: “Thats the struggle there is”

Mark-Jan Fledderus does not dare to tell if Arjen Robben will be able to admire in green-white next season. The 96-time Oranje-International returned from his football retirement last summer, but was injured to only seven official matches in the Eredivisie and the play-offs for European football.
Fledderus confirms that conversations are going on, but still does not know what the doubtful Robben will decide. Arjen spent a week or two, three days ago with Bernadien (his wife, ed.) alone to think about it, said the director of the fifty year FC Groningen in a special anniversary show.
Robben has enough arguments to continue and enough arguments to stop. On the one hand, he really wants to play football, you‘ll notice everything, and he really wants to play in a full stadium. But on the other hand, of course, he gets older for a day and there are some pain in the body. Of course, he’s had a very hard year. That‘s the struggle that’s going on, I think.
Should Robben decide to stop definitively, Fledderus will not blame him for that. We are very grateful to him for already doing this at all.