Jeangu Macrooy with Birth of a New Age to Eurovision Song Contest

Thursday evening it was finally there: Jeangu Macrooy announced with a live stream which song he participates in the Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of the Netherlands. The song is called Birth of a New Age.

Earlier he would participate in the song feast with the song Grow, although the coronapandemic never got that far. Slowly it is also known with which songs the other participants hope to win the Song Contest, which will take place from 18 to 21 May in Rotterdam.

Unlike the ballad Grow, which he would sing last year during the cancelled Song Contest, Birth of a New Age is an up-tempo song. However, the singer chose again for a gospel choir in the background. Jeangu, born in Suriname, also sings a few lines in the chorus in Surinam. Jeangu worked together with his regular producer Perquisite for this song. The video clip will appear on Friday.


‘t you see any video? Watch and listen to the clip here.

Prior to the presentation the singer was not allowed to say anything about his new Songfestival song. However, he told me to be ‘super happy‘ with the result.

Due to the Dutch victory of Duncan Laurence in 2019, Jeangu is already assured of a place in the grand finale of the Song Contest. It will take place on 22 May.


The new song festival song by Jeangu Macrooy, Birth of a New Age, contains an important message for the singer. โ€œIt’s a story for everyone about resilience, empowerment and authentic life,โ€ said Jeangu Thursday during the live stream of the launch of the uptempo song.

Jeangu, born in Suriname, has deliberately chosen to sing some lines in Surinam in the chorus. โ€œI really wanted to use some of my roots, because I draw strength from it. The lyrics are based on an old Surinamese saying that even a small coin is unbreakableโ€, the singer explained. โ€œYou may think I‘m small, but I know I’m unbreakable. I hope that will inspire the rest of Europe.โ€

Last year the singer would play the subdued ballad Grow during the eventually cancelled song festival. Because Jeangu is playing again this year, he had to make a new song. โ€œOf course I felt the pressure,โ€ he said. โ€œBut I‘m also someone who always says: you can succeed or you can’t succeed, as long as you give everything.โ€