Jeff Bezos goes into space in July

Jeff Bezos, the richest human on earth, is going into space next month. The founder of Amazon also has its own space company, which wants to bring tourists to space for the first time on July 20, and Bezos announced on Monday that he and his brother Mark will join him on board.

Bezos company is called Blue Origin. It built a rocket called the New Shepard, which, after launch in Texas, has to go to a height of over 100 kilometers. The occupants are weightless there for a few minutes and see the curvature of the earth. After that, the vessel collapses back into the atmosphere to land again on Earth. The vessel does not go high and not fast enough to get into orbit around the Earth.

Blue Origin had brought out plans for the first flight in May. One of the spots on board is being auctioned. So far, nearly 6000 people from 143 countries have submitted bids. According to Blue Origin, the highest bid is about 2.8 million dollars, converted 2.3 million euros.

Bezos will stop as Chairman of Amazon on 5 July.

Elon Musk

Competitor SpaceX of businessman Elon Musk (PayPal, Tesla) already brings professional astronauts to space station ISS. Later this year, he wants to give a few citizens a chance to go to space. Musk wants a Japanese businessman to fly around the moon in a few years. In addition, SpaceX will have to put astronauts on the moon in a few years and safely return them to Earth. Musk got that billion-dollar assignment from NASA space agency. Blue Origin, which grabbed next to the order, challenges the decision.

Another company, Virgin Galactic by Richard Branson, is also working on commercial tourist flights to space.