Jeff Keely: The Game Awards 2021 will be the largest ceremony in its history

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, host and organizer of The Game Awards Jeff Keely shared new information about the upcoming ceremony, which will be held on December 10 at 04:00 AM Moscow time. Earlier this year, TGA will truly unleash the potential of the current generation of consoles. Everything we saw earlier, according to Keely, was just the first steps towards demonstrating true capabilities.

In general, 2022 promises to be more generous with releases compared to the outgoing one. Also, now players are voting much more actively for their favorite projects – only in the first day 7 million votes, which is much more than last year.

Despite all the difficulties associated with the pandemic, Keely stressed that the upcoming The Game Awards will be the largest ceremony in its entire history history โ€” at least in terms of budget. And a unique feature of TGA 2021 will be โ€œa more interesting presentation of games.

โ€ And Keely, who wanted to keep the intrigue, did not specify what exactly was meant by this phrase. More at Gambling Addiction Paradox Interactive left the Director of Business Development GSC Game World celebrates its 26th anniversary Roblox developers want to sue $1.

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