Jeffrey Dean Morgan still wants to play Batman in Thomas Wayne

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohen said they were still interested in returning to the roles of Thomas and Martha Wayne from the โ€œFlashpointโ€ universe D. C. The artists performed these roles at Zack Snyder in & laquo; Batman v Supermanโ€, and since then many fans would like to see Morgan as Thomas-Batman from the Alterant Univers.

It was assumed that role the actor would perform in a solo movie about Flash, where the comic book story is based, but the Batman Mentors position is left behind by Michael Keeton. Flashpoint is about how Flash rewrote the past, changing many famous events of DC.

As a result, Bruces parents were killed in the alley, not Bruces parents, but himself. Thomas became Batman, who does not bend to kill enemies, whereas Martha after the death of her son went mad and turned into a local Joker.

Cohen and Morgan, who work together and on โ€œWalkers the dead,โ€ once again noted that they were ready to adapt this story, and have generally discussed the idea among themselves for several years. However, with the withdrawal of Warner Bros.

Zack Snyders version of the universe, a similar move remains in question. Morgan replied, though, that in the case of DC film adaptations, its not worth โ€œnever saying neverโ€ .

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