Jet fighters fly high voltage line broken

French fighters have flown down a high-voltage line in the south of France. Because of this, a village has temporarily run out of electricity.

The Mayor of Castellet near Marseille heard his own words a hell of a noise during his driving on Wednesday. Benoît Gouin soon saw what was going on: two Rafale fighters rushed over his village at just a few tens of metres above sea level. They flew so low that I said to myself: they‘re flying under the power line, says Gouin at a local radio station.

His observation proved correct, he noted when he arrived at the power line: One of the planes had hit and cut the cable. I immediately called the emergency services and the electricity company. The fire department was quickly on the spot to put out a fire that had arisen as a result of the incident. The cable was repaired after a few hours, so that Castellet could be powered again.

The Armée de l’Air regrets the extremely rare incident and has opened an investigation.