Jetten against energy companies: notify changes 30 days in advance

Minister Jetten calls on energy companies to stick to a period of thirty days if they want to increase their rates. In the House of Representatives, he said that the deadline is clear.

Last week, it was announced that several companies want to increase their rates as of October 1, and the Consumer and Market Authority said immediately afterwards that the announcement came too late. The rates may only increase if this has been reported thirty days earlier. A number of companies then referred to the industrys general terms and conditions, which involve a period of ten working days.

Jetten: highly undesirable

During Question Time in the House of Representatives, MPs expressed their concern about the situation and Jetten showed understanding. The Minister for Energy called it โ€œhighly undesirableโ€ if energy companies do not comply with the legal deadline: โ€œEspecially in times of great uncertainty in the energy markets and of multiple price increases, it is extra important that consumers are well protected and timely. informed about changes in contracts and deliveries.โ€

Jetten finds the ten-day provision in the general terms and conditions irrelevant: โ€œThe ACM is now having intense discussions with those companies and if that does not lead to a change in practice, it is up to the ACM to use legal remedies.โ€

The minister called it โ€œa first good stepโ€ that Eneco announced today that it would notify tariff changes thirty days in advance from 1 November. But Jetten emphasized that the companies should not only comply with the law on November 1, but immediately.

Essent says it will release an announcement later this week about the deadline for which it will announce tariff changes.