Jihadbride Yousra (31) wanted to kill lawyer

The Dutch jihad bride Yousra L. wanted to kill a Dutch lawyer after she returned from IS territory and managed a hate channel from Uithoorn on Telegram.


fact that Syrian goer Yousra L. wanted to kill the lawyer because he allegedly abused her children was found on Thursday at a bizarre trial in Rotterdam. Justice suspects her of a list of terrorist crimes, such as calling for an attack and participation in ISIS.


The search services were tracked by IS-channel GreenB1RDs partly through the research of jihadblogger Azazel. The platform was full of calls for attacks, execution videos and other IS-propaganda. It turned out to be run by Yousra L. from Uithoorn, a mother of three children. She was arrested in October 2019 and a GreenB1RDS member had already been arrested in Maastricht. Also in England, the police picked up a woman who was active on the jihad channel. She was given life in prison last year because of an attack plan on St. Paul‘s Cathedral in London. The three suspects knew each other well.

Yousra L., who will be in court on Thursday, has a remarkable life course. Her father had a good job at IBM, she did not get the VMBO but presented herself on her CV as a graduate from an American university. Without a diploma, she ended up at a law firm in London and at the World Trade Center in Amsterdam with the prestigious agency De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek. ,, It was money, money. I was in the middle of London. I thought it’s going too well, it can never go well. I had a revelation, then I turned to God.โ€ She started wearing a veil.


met a radical man who spread Islamic leaflets in a pink van. With him, she would have ended up in Syria after that. Her husband died and Yousra returned. There was a problem with her children. She accuses an Amsterdam lawyer of abuse. Because the government didn‘t take any action against him, she decided to kill him.

,, I figured out how to kill him. I wanted to push him and his mother off an apartment. Poison is very easy. I went on the Internet to find ways to kill him. A weapon, a bomb, a bomb belt. But an AK isn’t that easy to find. Ricin is not just to be found.โ€

Burned alive


looking for murder methods, she ended up on Telegram. There she came across the jihadist group of GreenB1RDs. That was full of jihadist hate lyrics. For example, there was a manual for cutting the neck. A video shows how four prisoners in orange were burned alive everywhere. There was also a call for an assassination on a church in Hilversum. The app group shares messages from IS news agency and videos, including a suicide bombing and instructions for creating a bomb belt. , โ€œWhat you saw on GreenB1rdsโ€, says Yousra. , โ€œMaking bombs, that kind of thing.โ€

The judge is trying to figure out how radical Yousra is and was. She thinks ‘that the ideology of IS is still survive’, finds that apostasy is the death penalty, finds Islamic State ‘daring’ and that eighty countries have attacked ISIS, she calls ‘ridiculous’. , โ€œThat has never happened in history, that so many countries are fighting against a small group of boys, Muslims who simply wanted to experience Islam.โ€

Yousra L. says she‘s thinking more moderately now. ,, I have never sworn allegiance to anyone, I have never been a member of anything. Didn’t get any assignments. I looked at all these things because of the distraction, escapism.โ€

But the material that justice ascribes to her on GreenB1RDs is extremely violent and horrific. Videos of executing prisoners, according to the prosecution, even result in a war crime. According to the DA, eavesdropping calls, analysis of chats, phones and iPads show that most of the videos and calls of violence originated from Yousra.

The case will continue in March. Then the prosecution comes with the punishment and performs attorney ร–zdemir defense.