Jijp makes minced meat from Guardiola: ‘At breakfast something wrong, sure? ‘

Renรฉ van der Gijp cannot understand the tactics of Manchester City and manager Pep Guardiola. The Citizens are visiting Borussia Dortmund, are in peace on shut-off in the Champions League and play without striker.
Bernardo Silva and Phil Foden alternately emerge in rush hour, but that cannot count on the approval of Van der Gijp. โ€œIf you sit together as a trainers staff and one proposes to put Silva in the rush hour, you just ate something wrong at breakfast?โ€ , he says during the analysis at rest on Veronica.
The analyst argues that Guardiola should take an example to many other top European clubs. โ€œWe know Lewandowski, Mbappรฉ, all that kind of spires. Dont they play at big clubs and show it? Then just put a striker there. This is also not fun for that Gabriel Jesus, who should be in it when Agรผero is injured. Then you dont put a midfielder in rush hour, do you? I think thats very crazy.โ€
Manchester City is 1-0 behind in Dortmund due to a goal by Englishman Jude Bellingham. If it remains at that stand, the formation of Guardiola will be eliminated for the fourth consecutive year in the Champions League quarterfinals.