Jill Biden wears jacket with ‘loving’ message

The American First Lady Jill Biden wore a jacket with an apparent message on arrival in the UK for the top of the G7. The word โ€œLOVEโ€ was on the back of the jacket.

Biden herself says she wants to bring love from America, but the comparison was often made with a jacket that her predecessor Melania Trump wore in 2018 during a visit to the border with Mexico. I really dont care, do you? , then the message was. This caused a lot of fuss at the time, as it was an unannounced visit to a detention center where children were separated from their parents were taken care of.

The (social) media then got to do this. โ€œAn unfortunate choice of clothing,โ€ CNN called it back then. BBC correspondence Katty Kay made a little harder: โ€œIf she has attracted this without thinking, shes pretty tone-deaf.โ€ While Jill Biden says she wants to express love with the message on her jacket, people on social media suspect she wants to pull out to Trump with the text on her back.

This wasnt the first time Biden appeared with this jacket by the way. She did this during the US election as well. In addition, the First Lady seems to want to communicate more often through her clothes. During the same election campaign, she wore boots with the text VOTE on it.