Jinek apologises to Baudet, RTL regrets performance King

RTL, the editors of the talk show Jinek and RTL News regret that they did not delete the performance of Martijn Koning last night. FVD leader Thierry Baudet ran away because of comedian statements.

In a statement RTL writes that King โ€œdespite repeated requests from the editorsโ€ refused to give access to the text he would pronounce in the evening. The editorial board should have decided to remove King‘s action, according to RTL.

โ€œWe are sorry that this happened and that the viewer and the table guests were confronted with it.โ€

King addressed Baudet to his โ€œJewish girlfriendโ€ and alleged racism. RTL takes โ€œcompletely awayโ€ from the contents of King’s text. The broadcaster also announces that talk show host Eva Jinek contacted Baudet after the broadcast to make excuses.

Baudet hasn‘t responded to RTL’s apologies this morning.

‘Never before inspection’

Shortly after the broadcast via Twitter, the comedian responded to the fuss surrounding his performance. He says never to have his lyrics read in advance, to โ€œbe completely freeโ€ in what he says. King won‘t say anything else to DeccEit about the incident.

To the AD, King says this morning that he โ€œhad an awful desire to do this pieceโ€. โ€œIt’s incredibly beautiful to tackle a politician who says terrible things, gets away with everything.โ€ Here again, he emphasises that RTL wanted to see his text, but that he refused it.

Earlier political editor Floor Bremer of RTL already distanced himself from King‘s words.

Baudet’s premature departure wasn‘t the only part of the talk show that caused a fuss. Baudt’s former group mate Theo Hiddema is dissatisfied with the way in which he was portrayed in a separate report by Jair Ferwerda.

โ€œNow understand that Mrs. Jinek portrays my performance with Jaรฏr as if I was putting Baudet as a racist. Here we go again!โ€ , Hiddema tweeted. He also points out that his positive comments about Baudet have been omitted from the video.