Jo Nesbø writes gift book for Summer Reading

None other than Norwegian thriller author Jo Nesbø has been tied by the CPNB to write this years Summer Read Gift Book. The Jealous Man is going to be called the heart-pounding gift book. The fans of exciting books get it for free at the bookstore if they buy books for at least €15 in Dutch.

by Paola van de Velde

“I dont know if we can travel this summer, but I promise to take you to Greece”, tells the writer on YouTube. His story takes place on the small island of Kalymnos near Kos, where a German tourist has disappeared, who just before had a fist with his twin brother. The local police are facing a mystery: there is no corpse or trail of dirty play, yet they do not trust it. This is a case for Inspector Nikos Balli, aka the Jealousy Man, who specializes in homicide cases where jealousy is or appears to be the motive.

Professional footballer and singer

The sixty year old Nesbø, who previously made a career as a professional footballer, stockbroker, composer, singer and guitarist, is Norways most successful thriller author. Thriller fans appreciate his Harry Hole series, children may know his series Doktor Proktor. Worldwide, more than 45 million books were sold by his hand. His last appeared bestseller The Knife was voted one of the best thrillers of this decade by The Times. In mid-May, shortly before the Summer Read campaign, his youngest title Kingdom in the Netherlands will be published.