Joe Biden gets third coronavirus

US President Joe Biden received his third coronavirus vaccination Monday. The so-called booster was approved by drug watchdog FDA last week in the United States for over 65s.

For a

long time, Biden insisted on allowing a third jab to improve the protection of vulnerable people against the virus. He wants to prevent a major new wave of infections coming in autumn.

For the third jab, Biden addressed the press present about U.S. coronavirus policy. โ€œThis is a pandemic of non-vaccinated people. People who dont get vaccinated are causing a lot of damage to the rest of the country.โ€ The president said that people who have been fully vaccinated have good protection against illness due to Covid-19, โ€œyoull be safe and were going to do everything we can to keep it that way with boosters.โ€

Israel and the United Kingdom, among others, have already begun to set the boosters. In the UK, over 50s, people at risk and healthcare workers are allowed to get a third shot.