Joe Biden officially sworn in, ‘unity’ is the magic word

Joe Biden is the new president of the United States. He was officially sworn in at the Capitol on Wednesday. First, Biden took the presidential oath on the western terrace of the parliament building, after which he gave a speech on the unity of the nation as the main theme. Meanwhile, there is a lot of attention to clothing. This article will be supplemented.

In addition to Congressmen, guests are also former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton with their wives.

First Harris

When Vice President Kamala Harris appeared with her husband, lawyer Doug Emhoff, who quit his job in order not to end up in a conflict of interest, she received a loud applause.

First of all, Harris was officially inaugurated as Vice President. Judge Sonia Sotomayor, the first Latin American judge in the US Supreme Court, took the oath to 56-year-old Harris.

Pbid: ‘I swear… ‘

Joe Biden was officially inaugurated around 17.50 p.m., approvingly viewed by his wife and support Jill. Chief Justice John Roberts took the oath of 78-year-old Biden, who is the hitherto oldest candidate to take the presidential oath.

โ€œ This is a memorable day, a day of hope. America has risen. Today, we are not celebrating a candidate, but a goal: democracy. The will of the people has been heard,โ€ says Biden. โ€œWe have learned again that democracy is fragile. And precious. And democracy has conquered,โ€ Biden referred to the storming of the Capitol.

โ€œ Unity โ€œmagic word

Biden spoke of โ€œthe power of our nation.โ€ His speech had to be clearly positive and enthusiastic, Biden had an eye for history and looked forward. He sounded powerful. The oneliners and incoupers were also present. โ€œThis is a great country. We are good people.โ€ Once again, Biden spoke about the ‘bringing together the land’. โ€œAnd I ask every American to follow me for that purpose.โ€

Unity was the magic word. โ€œI know talking about unity seems like a foolish fantasy these days. The forces that divide us are strong and real. But it‘s nothing new.โ€ Without unity ‘there is no nation, only a state of chaos‘, says Biden. Unity is โ€œthe way forward.โ€ โ€œAnd we must be the United States of America.โ€

โ€œ Try to be in someone else’s shoes, just as my mother always says: stand in his shoes…โ€, says Biden. He wants the โ€œwar โ€œbetween Democrats and Republicans to be over. โ€œAnd then we can still disagree. But we‘re gonna need each other in this dark winter. We must do it as one nation.โ€ Biden kept a brief moment of silence for the coronas victims during his speech.

His supporters have celebrated taking office near the White House. Although the American capital had turned into a fortress, dozens of people gathered at Black Lives Matter Plaza according to The Washington Post. โ€œIt’s official now,โ€ people jured.


Many family of the presidential couple is present at the ceremony. Due to the sober, somewhat solemn character of the ceremony, commentators and tweetters are mainly concerned with secondary issues. Thus, the dress dress of female attendees provides positive comments. Among other things, the grandchildren of Biden are addressed on their clothes.

Also striking was the moment when Eugene Goodman appeared; the Capitol Police officer was promoted after an impressive moment when he stopped a pack during the storm on 6 January. Goodman was allowed to escort Vice President Harris.

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The inauguration was also graced with performances by Lady Gaga, who sang the national anthem. Later came Jennifer Lopez‘s turn. Because of the coronapandemic, it was also a sober transfer of power.

Pence present, Trump not

Sitting Vice President Mike Pence gave Wednesday also acte de presence, unlike Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump. The first lady Melania Trump landed in Florida shortly before the inauguration of Biden. The couple left on Air Force One from Washington.

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โ€œ Wow!โ€

Of course, Michelle Obama paid much attention again to former President Obama, and to his wife Michelle. Her dress dress immediately became a hit on Twitter. โ€œMichelle Obama has arrived… and also her husband,โ€ someone says aptly.

Kamala Harris, successors of Obama, seemed impressed.

Barack Obama congratulated Biden on Wednesday for his new job. โ€œCongratulations to my friend, President @JoeBiden! This is your time,โ€ he tweeted. Biden served for eight years as Vice President under Obama.


The first European leaders haveNew American President Joe Biden congratulations. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was quick on Twitter Wednesday. โ€œCongratulations to Joe Biden on his sworn in as President of the United States and to Kamala Harris on her historic inauguration.โ€

German President Walter Steinmeier reacted relieved. He called it a good day for democracy. His feelings are shared by many Germans, he said. Our Prime Minister Mark Rutte also congratulated Biden and Harris and says he is looking forward to continuing the alliance.