Johan Derksen and Sylvana Simons in Where is the Mole?

Johan Derksen, Sylvana Simons, Gordon and Sergio Herman can be seen from 5 October in the new season of Waar is de Mol? Where presenter Johnny de Mol normally travels abroad with his guests, this time he visits places in the Netherlands because of the corona virus.

“Our country, the place we call home, has become extra important in these times. And there is still surprisingly much to discover there as well. You dont always have to travel far to see something new; often the surprise is just around the corner”, the 41-year-old presenter says about the coming season.

Johan Derksen takes the audience to his favourite province: Drenthe. The journey starts in Johans hometown Grolloo and leads via a moped ride past his parents home and youth football club, the Hunebed Highway and a lap on the circuit of Assen to a prison cell in Veenhuizen. Together with politician Sylvana Simons, De Mol will explore North Holland, the province where Sylvana lived with her parents as a baby, when she came to the Netherlands from Suriname.