John Boyegas interview about returning to Star Wars surfaced online

The network drew attention to last years interview with John Boyega, in which he claimed that he was ready to return to โ€œStar Warsโ€ โ€” although then said the opposite. According to the statement of the actor, which a little later picked up and the media, Boyega supported the idea of a new participation in the stories of the universe, but only if the project will be handled by Caitlin Kennedy and J. J.

Abrams. At the same time, the interview appeared in May 2020, after the release of โ€œSkywalker.

Sunriseโ€ โ€” the actor himself then claimed to have โ€œmoved onโ€ from the franchise, was not going to participate in a potential show on Disney+ and generally unhappy with his work experience. In the last interview, by the way, he also defended the work of J.

J. Abrams on the ninth episode of the series, reporting that he was not to blame for all of the films problems.

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