Johnson thinks trans women should not participate in womens sports

Trans women should not take part in womens sports competitions, says British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. โ€œI think that being a male born should not participate in womens sports,โ€ Johnson said. โ€œMaybe thats controversial to say, but that seems reasonable to meโ€.

The Prime Minister further announced that as far as he is concerned, women should โ€œhave spots that are only for women. Whether thats in hospitals, prisons and locker rooms. Thats what I think about it right now.โ€

โ€œOpen to Discussionโ€

However, the Prime Minister told me to be open to a discussion about his opinion. โ€œIf I come into conflict with others with this, we need to talk about that. It doesnt mean that Im not extremely sympathetic to people who want to change gender. It is extremely important that we give people a lot of love and support in making those decisions.โ€

With his remarks, Johnson responds, among other things, to the case surrounding cyclist Emily Bridges. Last week, she was excluded from participating in the British National Championships Omnium. The transgender athlete was allowed to participate from the British cycling association after lowering its testosterone levels, but the international cycling association UCI stopped that.