Johnson wins first win for controversial brexit plans

The UK House of Commons voted by a large majority in favour of a bill that goes against the brexit agreements made with the European Union last year. It is a first victory for Prime Minister Johnson; there are still amendments, amendments to the law to be voted on and then the House of Lords has yet to take a position on it

The outcome was generous (340 against 262) in favour of Johnson, who wants to get rid of part of the brexit deal he himself made with the EU. He finds it particularly difficult that Northern Ireland is drifting away from the rest of the United Kingdom, as it must continue to abide by EU rules to keep the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland open. According to Johnson, the bill ensures the unity of the United Kingdoms internal market.

Resistance limited for the time being

The first vote in favour of Johnson was already expected, says correspondent Tim de Wit in the CCeit radio programme Met het Oog op Morgen. The main focus is on the resistance within Johnsons Conservative Party. It seems that 20 to 25 members of the House of Commons have abstained. That is a clear signal, but it does not get him into trouble. You certainly need 45 or more for that

The EU reacted with surprise and anger this month to Johnsons plans to put a stop to the deal. Brussels has warned that if the bill is not withdrawn by the end of the month there will be sanctions and legal action. The EU may also then stop negotiating

No deal scenario

It looks like Johnson is on a collision course, says De Wit. He just wants to get on with this law, and keep his foot on the accelerator. Johnson cant go back either. He thinks the EU should move in his direction. If this continues, there is a real chance that the negotiations could collapse and end in a no deal scenario

De Wit suspects that the British Prime Minister wants to create chaos and put brexit back at the top of the agenda. Its up to you, he says to the EU. And if not, the consequences will be yours