Jojos Bizarre Adventure Season 6 Introductory Video Published

During a special broadcast dedicated to the upcoming sixth season of the cult anime The Incredible Adventures of JoJo, Warner Bros. showed a new intro video. The production of the video was entrusted to the Tokyo studio Kamikaze Douga, while the anime itself is still in charge of David Production.

The sixth season, like the corresponding part of the anime Hirohiko Araki, was called Stone Ocean, Stone Ocean. This is the only season in which the girl plays the main role: this role is played by Jolene Kujo, daughter of Jotaro Kujo.

Jolene is in prison for a crime she did not commit. There she meets a mysterious stand, which has no owner, and his attack can plunge the stand holder into a coma and death.

His goal is Jotaro, and the girl must save her father with the help of other prisoners with stands. Stone Ocean is the last original chapter of the anime to date.

The next two seasons are devoted to an updated interpretation of the chapters of Phantom Blood and Diamond Is Unbreakable. The season will premiere on Netflix on December 1, and viewers will be able to watch 12 episodes.

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