“JoJos Incredible Adventures” to continue with Stone Ocean arch

During a special event dedicated to Jojos Bizarre Adventure the Animation, it was announced that work had begun on the sixth season of the animated series Incredible Adventures JoJo . Anime will continue with the arch Stone Ocean (Stone Ocean), which is considered the most plot complex. At the same time, this is the final arch of the old universe: in the manga after it follows the restart of the first part.

Giorno Giovanna, JoJo from Golden Wind, comes Jolene Cudjo, daughter of Jotaro Kujo, the hero of the Stardust Crusaders arch. The only Jojo girl goes to jail for a crime she didnt commit.

And there she is waiting for a meeting with Dios followers and getting to know the stands. It is not yet known when the premiere of Stone Ocean will take place.

But it has already been announced that the main character will be voiced by voice and singer Ai Fayrouz, known for the anime How heavy dumbbells can you lift? and Let Only My Favorite Idol Perform in Budokan, and I Remember. More on Icarus Trailer Live Actors Told World Backstory In Rust Added Gestures and Poker Developer Call of Duty Mobile and Honor of Kings earned $10bn in 2020.