‘Jonah Wick’ author and Amazon screen ‘Hellsing’ manga

John Wick screenwriter Derek Kolstad and Amazon Studios decided to film the manga Hellsing in the form of a feature-length film. According to Kolstad, he wanted to adapt for years manga and anime, which came out on her grounds. And now he has such a possibility.

The plot of the original tells about the secret organization of the Royal Protestant Knights, founded by Van Helsing and hunting for different evil. But when a new threat appears on the doorstep, turning people into ghouls, the vampire Alucard must come to the rescue, who vowed to serve humanity.

Who will act as the director of the upcoming adaptation and how much close it will follow the primary sources – it is not yet clear. More on CCeit Japanese version of Resident Evil Village is censored Played in the demo version of Outriders.

Bloody louter-shooter from Painkiller Shelter 3 authors will be released as early as March 30.