Jong Ajax gives away victory after minute 95: ‘Draw was already K and ending in N’

Young Ajax seemed to be on his way to a 1-2 victory to visit FC Volendam, but miraculously gave it away: after the entry of minute 95 it had to collect the 2-2 and 3-2 of Het Other Oranje. Trainer Mitchell van der Gaag saw it with bewilderment.

Afterwards, he appeared in front of the ESPN microphone and was asked what he found in the dressing room. “Yes… “, says Van der Gaag. “Silence, death silence. They‘re young boys, they’ve never seen this before. I‘m a bit older (49 years, red.) and I’ve seen quite a lot, but I‘ve never seen it before.”
Van der Gaag found the equalizer of Volendam not in line with the proportions on the field. “I would have been here with a feeling, starting with a K and ending with an N. You can fill in the rest yourself. Yeah, if you lose, too… That would be a very bizarre end of the game. What I shall say: a tie would have been a loss for us, based on what we have shown.”
However, Jong Ajax had it entirely to himself, Van der Gaag said. The Amsterdam promises were kicked off after the late 2-2 and played the ball around on their own half: Youri Regeer returned, Zakaria El Azzouzi made the 3-2 for Volendam and the match was immediately over. “Volendam goes forward, that makes sense. Then we just have to shoot the ball forward. And then the game is ready. So that didn’
t happen. At the moment of that kick-off, you can actually see everything playing in slow motion. You actually see it happening.”

WHAT A CONCLUSION!! ðÿ˜±ð¿ ð“ º ESPN #ï ¸âƒ£ #voljaj
— ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) February 23, 2021