Jong Oranje on report: Feyenoorders the most outstanding, yet two imperfections

It was do or die during Jong Orange-Jong France and it has become do for the men of Erwin van de Looi! Dayot Upamecano opened the score in Budapest, Myron Boadu equalized right after rest and even led Jong Oranje to the semi-finals in the last minute. Football First gives out report figures after this equally unexpected and beautiful conclusion.
Justin Bijlow โ€” 8: The undisputed number one below the bar is back from injury and proved why he preferred Kjell Scherpen. After 22 minutes he suddenly had to tap a fung by Jonathan Ikonรฉ over the bar, but in the next corner it went wrong. On the headball of Upamecano, Bijlow had no chance, although he might have put someone at the second pole. After rest, he saved again handsome on a treacherous shot of Faitout Maouassa.
Jordan Teze โ€” 6,5: This season as a central defender at PSV, but in Budapest he played as a right-back. That was certainly not bad for him: firm in the duels, comfortable at the ball and mostly choosing the right solution.
Perr Schuurs โ€” 7.5: One of the highlights of the race was his pass with the outside right, which introduced a great opportunity for Kluivert. The Limburg Ajacied started a little wailing, but then grew in the competition. One time, he even used the pole to prevent a counter-goal, after being late to cover Botman‘s back. Luck compel you, shall we say.
Sven Botman โ€” 6: He now knows what’
s asked for at this level, as a pillar of the surprising Ligue 1 champion Lille. Botman indeed proved that he has grown this season, although he let himself be painfully played once, by teammate Ikonรฉ. Other than that, the ball didn‘t leave.
Tyrell Malacia โ€” 8: Already after ten minutes he kicked Colin Dagba out of the game, but that offense was more attributable to youthful enthusiasm than to evil intent. After that moment, he became the great star of Jong Orange. Malacia is generally more capricious than desirable for a left-back, but has great possibilities, he also proved in Budapest.
Abdou Harroui โ€” 7: In possession of ball, fell far back and was overflowing a few times in the changeover, but continued to stand well on the midfield. We know that he is strong on the ball by now, but Harroui can also beat when needed. The Treasurer of Sparta can already rub his hands.
Dani de Wit โ€” 7: At AZ he lost his base spot, but in Jong Oranje he is undisputed and can even wear the captain’
s band. Because Harroui fell so far back, he had to guard the middle line on his own. However, the blower from Hoorn did so with verve, despite his early yellow card.
Calvin Stengs โ€” 5: He had hoped for the big European Championships, but had to do it with an invitation to Jong Orange. Despite a few fine flashes – especially the pass leading up to the late 1-2 was there – he could not prove Frank de Boer‘s wrong. Stengs missed the first serious opportunities for Orange and left Upamecano on the other side, resulting in the 1-0.
Ferdi Kadioglu โ€” 5,5: On the left we did not see much of Kadioglu. The Arnhemmer didn’
t come into the picture until he moved towards the centre. On his work ethic there was little to complain, in the second half he was more discussed, but Kadioglu generally failed to make his mark.
Myron Boadu โ€” 6,5: His goals just after rest and just before time were nicely taken, because he seemed to be out of play. Boadu also had a pretty difficult evening against top defenders Upamecano and Ibrahima Konatรฉ. If he trades AZ for a foreign adventure โ€” perhaps next summer โ€” he will face these kinds of giants almost every week. Again: a striker is of course judged on his goals and not on his field game, but Boadu still needs to take some steps.
Justin Kluivert โ€” 5: His first striking action was a worthless corner after twenty minutes, which almost resulted in a safe passage for a French counter. After the aforementioned pass of Schuurs, he suddenly got an imposed opportunity, but he shot wild. No, it wasn‘t Kluivert’s match, which just before time made everything right with the winning assist.
Invallers Mitchel Bakker โ€” x: Came in minute 78 for the injured Malacia and played too short for a review.
Azor Matusiwa โ€” x: Dissolved Kadioglu at the same time and played too short for a review.
TrainerWin van de Looi โ€” 7: Only in the last quarter of the regular playing time did he intervene: France threatened to overflow the midfield, but Van de Looi corrected and introduced Matusiwa. His selection was definitely not at full war strength, but the national coach managed to arm his team well against one of the top favorites. To the positioning atStandard situations can be viewed critically: Stengs against Upamecano and Botman behind it in the zone?