Jonk made Volendam proud: ‘People talk about us’

Especially the banging of the IJsselmeer against the Dijk and the countless day trips have caused noise in Volendam in recent years. But since last year, the famous football pride of the fishing village has also been heard. โ€œWe created something.โ€

A fourteenth place in 2018 and a sixteenth place in 2019 in the first division. Never before had FC Volendam performed so badly in successive seasons. And so in mid-2019 the helm changed.

Wim Jonk was appointed as trainer and Jasper van Leeuwen came as technical director. But what the decision-makers in Volendam also thought was important: Jonk and Van Leeuwen are true Cruijff adepts.

โ€œ I started this because I thought it was a great project, because the youth training had to be linked to it,โ€ says Jonk, who plays against PSV in the eighth finals of the KNVB Cup tournament with his team from 21:00 on Tuesday evening. โ€œVolendam cannot do without training, because the club has too little financial resources.โ€

โ€œ I am convinced that we will deliver good talents here and thus raise the levelโ€, says Jonk.

The Cruijff philosophy

Between 2011 and 2015, he was head of youth training at Ajax and can thus promote the Cruijff philosophy like no other.

Attractive playing football, the youth training as the base of the club and entertainment for the fans. It is a selection of Cruijff‘s ideas and it was up to Jonk to put Volendam to his hand in this way.

โ€œ We have created something that makes people talk about Volendam again,โ€ says Jonk. โ€œI notice that by the type of game we play. Players also become more visible, as they are bought away. That is a fine merit of the process we are in.โ€

The trainer had a very strong debut season in his hometown. However, the coronavirus stood in the way of Volendam’s advance when the club was in third place.

โ€œ We were very well working towards the end of the competitionโ€, says Jonk. โ€œAnd you don‘t know what could have happened in the playoffs…โ€

This season, injury is a bit more difficult with the Volendammers, who are in seventh place.

Jonk, however, remains realistic. โ€œWe also had some bad luck with injuries, including my captain Kevin Visser. I have to say that chopped in. We are now wasting too many points due to details to claim the top two positions.โ€

Jonk hopes to have put something down at Volendam that will be used for years. โ€œWe must try to guard that philosophy, because Volendam stands for good football. With that premise, people come to look at you.โ€

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