Jonker takes Telstar gamble after tip El Hamdaoui and rave criticism from ‘Ajax circuit’

Former Eredivision top scorer Mounir El Hamdaoui helped his old trainer Andries Jonker to a new player. At the beginning of this week Telstar announced the arrival of 18-year-old Hossein Zamani, after a tip from El Hamdaoui.

Zamani was born in Iran in 2002, later played in the youth training with Ajax, left for the Italian Genoa in 2019 and thus plays in Velsen-Zuid for the time being. Trainer Jonker was approached by El Hamdaoui, who he remembers from his time at Willem II. โ€œMounir said to me: I have an excellent player, you can do that,โ€ he tells NH Sport.
Jonker laid his ear to listen in Amsterdam and once again heard only rave criticisms. โ€œIn the Ajax circuit I have informed. That was all very positive and laudatory. When we said: well listen, this gamble were going to take for half a year. And if he does it right, he stays for another two years.โ€
Zamani has signed until the end of the season in Velsen-Zuid. However, Telstar could light up a two-year option and thus keep it inboard for a longer period of time.

ร‚ลกยฝรฏยธรข Former footballer and currently manager Mounir el Hamdaoui played a crucial role in the arrival of Hossein Zamani to Telstar. Former Ajax talent comes across from the รฐรฟโ€กยฎ รฐรฟโ€ก ยน Italian Genoa
โ€” NH Sport (@NHSport_) February 4, 2021