Joost Prinsen works on book on mourning after death wife

Joost Prinsen is working on a book about the mourning process after the death of his wife Emma, early this year. Thats what the actor told Monday in the program Op1. The title of the book becomes Na Emma.

โ€œ I had a lot of support for letters I wrote with cabaret artist Kees Torn when she was dying, and after she died,โ€ said Princes. โ€œAnd Ive written many columns about her deathbed and the period after that. I wanted to do something more with that.โ€

In the book he tells how grief overtakes him at the strangest moments. โ€œWhen I called, for example, to stop a payment. The only way I could do that was if I sent a death certificate.โ€ Also Princes reflects on the self-pity associated with mourning.

โ€œ Youre going to have a completely different relationship with your children. Or sex. Because for the first time in 50 years, Im a free boy again. Thats very weird.โ€ It is not yet known when Na Emma should appear.

Emma died in early January after a short illness at the age of 73.