Jordanian prince for the first time in public view after conflict with king

The Jordanian prince Hamzah appeared in public for the first time, after he had brought out last weekend that he was under house arrest. Together with his half-brother, King Abdullah, he visited the graves of their father and grandfather today. They read koranic verses for that.

The relationship between Hamzah and Abdullah was under considerable pressure. Last week, 41-year-old Hamzah said in a video that he was being silenced because he would have spoken at meetings with critics of the Jordanian government and the king. He shouldnt be out of his house anymore. At the same time, nearly 20 others were arrested for potentially involved in a conspiracy to destabilize Jordan.

Prince Hamzah, who denies that he had anything to do with a conspiracy, was quite critical of those in power in Jordan in the video. He spoke of corruption and incompetence. His statements were seen as a threat to King Abdullah.

On Tuesday Hamzah came with a statement in which he swore allegiance to the king. Thus, the folds within the royal family seemed to have been smoothed out again, although it was unknown to what extent the declaration from the higher was enforced.

So today the prince appeared in public with his half-brother. Again, it is not clear what this meeting means and where Hamzah went afterwards. The prince has spoken to no one.


Jordan is considered a stable factor in the Middle East. For example, the country cooperates intensively with the West in the fight against terrorism. Jordan does, however, have to deal with a large stream of war refugees from Syria and is economically bad with the country. The coronacrisis has amplified that.