Jörgensen air his heart

Nicolai Jörgensen gave a text and explanation of his situation in Denmark. The Danish striker is on its way to the exit and is training separately for the time being, brand new head coach Arne Slot has decided after a first conversation between the two.
Slot recently announced that both Jörgensen and he had been honest. He asked me what my plans are, the latter looks back in conversation with the Danish newspaper BT. I told him I‘ve been here for five years and that Feyenoord was planning to sell me last winter. We would look at it again this summer, but as long as I am a Feyenoord player, I will respect my contract and give everything in my capabilities. The trainer respected my honesty.
However, it meant that Jörgensen will not participate in group training for the time being. The trainer wanted to focus on the 22 players he would certainly have at his disposal. With all due respect, he said it was better if I were to train with a physical trainer to stay fit in case a transfer arrives. It is a completely normal procedure, explains the Eredivision-top scorer of the 2016/2017 season.
Not dropped for physical tests Left and right, the story was that Jörgensen had not passed the physical tests on the first day of training. However, the striker strongly denies this. It wasn’
t even a test you can pass or lower. The technical staff just wanted to see how everyone was in order to determine how everyone would be in December, said Jörgensen, who had to walk four times three minutes and ended in the middle class in terms of results. Behind midfielders, who of course run more than the attackers anyway.
Hence, the injury-sensitive Dane is very confused by Willem van Hanegem‘s criticism. He’s always sick, weak or nauseous and if he has a blue nail he can‘t play, De Kromme recently shampered. He is nota bene a Feyenoorder, Jörgensen responds. Maybe he should respect the one who came to his club and contributed to the national championship (in 2017, ed.). Instead of focusing on the past two, three years. Because there are so many reasons I have suffered all those injuries.
The criticism of his high salary is also unjustified by Jörgensen. It’
s no secret that I‘m one of the better-paid players. But if you turn it around, Feyenoord has also had eight times the chance to sell me, to a club where I could have earned even more. I have the right to be angry, but I never complained. However, the Dane stresses that money is absolutely not its main motivation. I’ve always been very happy at Feyenoord and I would like to exchange my time for no gold.