Jorritsma (VVD) and Ollongren (D66) appointed as explorers: ‘For the summer new cabinet’

Annemarie Jorritsma (VVD) and Kajsa Ollongren (D66) will explore the possibilities for a new cabinet as explorers. This afternoon they were received by President Khadija Arib. Afterwards Jorritsma said that โ€œin society there is a need for a not too long formation. Ready for the summer, that must be the ambition.โ€

VVD and D66 came out of the bus as biggest parties and both gained seat profits. That is why they will take the lead in the cabinet formation. Until now, it has been customary for only the largest party to deliver a scout, but because of the strong profits of D66, two scouts have been chosen.

Jorritsma is former Deputy Prime Minister and former Minister for Transport and Public Works and Economic Affairs. She is now in the First Chamber for the VVD and is the chairman of the group. Ollongren is currently Deputy Prime Minister in the demissionary cabinet and Minister of the Interior. Before that, she was alderman in Amsterdam and under Prime Minister Rutte the highest official at the Ministry of General Affairs.

Awfully complex

Ollongren said that from Monday they will have talks with the planned group chairmen of the elected parties. Because of corona, at first there will always be talk to one person at a time. If it is necessary to receive more people at the same time, the space will be adapted so that sufficient distance can be kept.

Jorritsma called the election result โ€œvery complexโ€ because now there are probably 17 political groups in the House of Representatives. The two explorers were asked to report on their findings by 30 March. They will probably advise who should be appointed as informer and which combination of parties should be examined first.

Look here how the scouts gave an explanation:

Realizing Progressive Ambitions

VVD leader Rutte said earlier today that he would like to rule with the CDA and that it is logical that winner D66 should also be involved in the negotiations.

Sigrid Kaag of D66 didnt want to talk about a possible coalition. First of all, she wants to talk about the content. โ€œIn the end, we want to achieve our progressive ambitions in a new cabinet.โ€

On 31 March, a debate on the election results will be planned on the first day of the meeting of the new House of Representatives.

The consultation between President Arib and the chairmen of the political groups was concluded, but the camera was allowed to take part in the greetings and congratulations beforehand:

A little later, the scouts of President Arib received their assignment.

Look here how that went: