Journalists offer lifts CD Projekt share rate

Over the past weeks, CD Projekt‘s share rate has steadily crept downward: the company lost about three per cent of value every day. And then suddenly, in a matter of minutes, the exchange day ended with a rise of 0. 3%.

The Polish edition Polygamia had an interesting theory about the causes of what was happening. Journalists linked the sudden jump in stock to a Bloomberg article about how successful Netflix.

Bloomberg journalist, drawing on multiple statements by management Netflix is willing to make acquisitions that will improve growth prospects, โ€œofferedโ€ the channel to buy CD Projekt, a well-known game maker and one of the largest companies in Poland. If not getting into detail, such a purchase looks quite real for the streaming giant.

The value of the creators of โ€œThe Witcherโ€ is estimated at $4. 7 billion, far less than the 7.

5 billion that Microsoft gave away for ZeniMax Media, owner of Bethesda Softworks. So far Netflix has not reported any plans to buy game studios, and CD Projekt shares are distributed so that it makes complete buying up, if not impossible, very difficult.

However, the stock market has responded even to such a speculative assumption. More on Game ActiblizzWalkOut Actions took place at World of Warcraft and in Irvine King’s Bounty II went gold – the game will be released on August 24 media: Netflix has mandatory vaccination actors and staff in the United States.