Judge blocks Biden administrations vaccination obligation for third time

For the third time, a US judge has blocked the vaccination obligation for a particular profession. This time, for the time being, a federal judge from Georgia put a line through the vaccination obligation for employees of companies doing business with the government.

The ruling applies to the whole of America, said Judge Stan Baker, because otherwise it could lead to confusion.

It was the third straight win for states led by Republicans. They oppose the pandemic measures of President Biden‘s government. Previously, a judge also swept off the announced compulsory vaccinations for healthcare staff and for companies with more than a hundred employees.

Judge: Biden goes too far

The Georgia judge, appointed by previous President Trump, acknowledged in the motivation of his verdict โ€œthe tragic tollโ€ that the corona pandemic took on his country and the world.

โ€œBut,โ€ he added: โ€œEven in times of crisis, the Court must respect the law and ensure that all parts of power comply with the rules in the Constitutionโ€.

According to the judge, President Biden had gone beyond his booklet and should have involved Congress in his decision to impose vaccination obligations in the private sector.

Blow to pandemic control policy

The prosecutor, who had filed the case on behalf of three states and a number of companies, said after the ruling: โ€œThe rule of law has won and our freedom is protected. If a President violates his authority, the law is happy to stop him if he abuses his power.โ€

Compulsory vaccinations are an important part of the Biden government’s pandemic control policy. Under his ‘way out of the pandemic’ program, Biden tries to persuade the 80 million Americans who are eligible for a vaccine, but have not yet been vaccinated, to get a shot through vaccination obligations.

With the ruling, all three vaccination obligations relating to the private sector have now been frozen for now. However, there are still vaccination obligations for government personnel and military personnel.