Judge California removes ban on possession of assault weapons

A judge in the U.S. state of California has crossed the line by prohibiting the possession of assault weapons. According to him, the 1989 ban is contrary to the constitutional right to carry arms. He speaks of โ€œa failed experiment.โ€ The judgment may still be appealed.

California Governor Newsom condemns the decision. โ€œThis verdict poses a direct threat to public security in California and the lives of innocent citizens.โ€

Swiss Army Knife

In the 94 page verdict, Judge Benitez spoke with appreciation about assault weapons such as the AR-15. โ€œLike a Swiss army knife, the popular AR-15 is a versatile, perfect weapon of defense. Suitable for home and for the fight.โ€ It is a semi-automatic rifle that was originally developed for the armed forces, but later became popular among civilians. Every time the trigger is pulled, one bullet is fired.

In his judgment, the judge further states that โ€œnews media and others pretend that the country has been flooded with deadly assault weapons such as the AR-15. But according to him, that is contrary to the facts.

Vague definition

He also argues that the weapons banned in California in recent decades should not be compared to โ€œdangerous weapons suitable for military use onlyโ€, such as bazookas, howitzers and machine guns. He also denounted the โ€œvague definitionโ€ of assault weapons in his eyes. The result, according to him, is that citizens inadvertently break the law and lose the right to carry a weapon.

According to the judge, in California, seven times as many people are killed by stabbing wounds as by gunfire violence. The case was filed by interest groups of arms owners. They think Californias weapons legislation is far too strict.