Judge rejects request to stop abuse case against Prince Andrew

The attempt by the British Prince Andrew‘s lawyers to nip an abuse case against him has been rejected by an American judge. The case against the prince was brought by American Virginia Giuffre, who says he was repeatedly abused by Andrew in 2001 in homes of American billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. She was 17 years old at the time.

Andrew’s counselors argued that Giuffre does not live in the US, but in Australia. For that reason, her charges would not be legally valid. The judge ruled that the case continues as scheduled as Andrew‘s lawyers have not yet filed a formal objection on the grounds of Giuffre’s place of residence.

Public settlement

Andrew rejects Giuffre‘s allegations and calls them unfounded. A hearing in the case is scheduled for Monday in the US. That day, a confidential settlement between Epstein and Giuffre from 2009 is also expected to be made public. At the time, the American businessman was able to prevent a lawsuit for the sexual abuse of a minor against him.

Andrew’s councilors were already allowed to see this settlement in October. They expect that on the basis of the content of that settlement alone, the case against Andrew will be called off.

Giuffre was one of the underage girls who got recruited for Epstein. The businessman himself can no longer stand trial as he was found dead in his prison cell in New York two years ago. His right-hand man and partner Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty by a jury on Wednesday of recruiting minors for sex with Epstein.

Giuffre asked for support from the British two years ago in an interview with the BBC program Panorama: