Judge temporarily blocks strict anti-abortion laws Texas

A judge in the U.S. state of Texas has temporarily blocked the stringent anti-abortion laws introduced there earlier this month. Judge Robert Pitman decided on Wednesday that the law should not be enforced and women should continue to have an abortion legally while lawsuits continue on legislation. The state of Texas has already announced an objection to the ruling.

โ€œThis court will not approve the abusive law for a day longer,โ€ Pitman ruled. The U.S. Supreme Court previously decided that the law could remain in force until a final ruling.

White House spokesman Jen Psaki stated in a statement that Pitmans ruling is โ€œan important step forwardโ€ for the restoration of womens constitutional rights in Texas. โ€œThe battle has only just begun, both in Texas and many other US states where womens rights are under attack,โ€ Psaki said.

President Joe Biden had already strongly condemned the โ€œbizarre and extremeโ€ law in Texas before and his government sued the state of Texas. Pitmans decision comes in response to this charge. Biden said his government is looking for opportunities to allow Texan women to access safe and legal abortion.

An estimated 85 percent of Texan women who want to have their pregnancy terminated would no longer be able to do so in Texas. A state should not deny any woman that right before the baby is viable, US Justice Minister Merrick Garland argued in the indictment. Thats about the 24th week of pregnancy, according to a Supreme Court ruling in 1973.