Judoka Michael Korrel picks gold at the Grand Slam in Tel Aviv

At the Grand Slam in Tel Aviv judoka took Michael Korrel in the category up to 100 kilograms of gold. The Dutchman dealt with home player Peter Paltchik in the final.

It was anything but an easy match for grain. It was only in the extra time that he managed to secure victory through a golden score. After Paltchik landed on his shoulder, Grain received the profit after watching video footage. Previously, Korrel impressed in the semi-final. He defeated the Russian Niiaz Iliasov with an ippon.

Bronze for Verkerk

Marhinde Verkerk won a bronze medal in the class up to 78 kilograms. The former world champion took the German Luise Malzahn in a hip swing that yielded waza-ari.

Jur Spijkers grabbed bronze by the heavyweights. He surprised Roy Meyer in a direct battle for a medal. Meyer was given a third sentence in the golden score. He competes in the class above 100 kilograms with Henk Grol for a ticket to the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Grol skipped the Grand Slam in Tel Aviv. He focuses entirely on the European Championships to be held in April. Grol won bronze at the World Masters in Doha last month.

The Grand Slam in the Israeli city is the penultimate measuring moment for the Tokyo Olympic Games. Granrel is sure of Olympic participation, Verkerk is fighting with Guusje Steenhuis for the ticket to Tokyo in the class -78 kg. Steenhuis reached the second chances, but lost to the Croatian Karla Prodan and finished seventh.

Frank de Wit (-81 kg), Sanne Vermeer (-63 kg) and Sanne Vermeer (-70 kg) picked bronze in Tel Aviv on Friday.