Jujubee announces post-apocalyptic Punk Wars strategy

Katowice Studio Jujubee last year founded a new division, Studio Strategy Forge. And now announced the project, which is engaged in a freshly created studio. This is a post-apocalyptic 4x-strategy Punk Wars.

In the game world civilization has been destroyed a long time ago. However, the world does not end there, and on the rubble of the old way is already growing and forming a new society.

In the struggle for leadership now face four forces, which simultaneously embody separate directions of industry as well as approach to philosophy and ideology: mesian steampunk, technocratic atompunk, grim dieselpunk and militaristic stilpunk. Choosing our side, we will try recreate civilization.

And for this will serve as ruins of ancient civilization, where scarce resources are hidden behind serious dangers, and new technologies, and unique capabilities of each of the factions. The release date of Punk Wars is unknown but come out the game should this year.

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