Julian Assange loses Ecuadorian citizenship

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has lost his Ecuadorian nationality. According to a court in Quito, various irregularities were found in its naturalization. Assanges attorney announced that he filed a request for the annulment of the decision.

Australian-born Assange officially became a citizen of Ecuador in 2018. He acquired that nationality when he lived in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for years. He fled there in 2012 when he threatened to be arrested in Sweden after allegations of sexual abuse. Assange feared being extradited to the United States through Sweden, where he was under attack due to publications on his whistleblower site.

Ecuador withdrew Assanges asylum status in 2019, allowing the police to pick him up. Shortly after his arrest, he was sentenced to nearly a year in jail for violating the terms of his bail in the abuse case.

Assange is currently in a British prison fighting extradition to the US, where prosecutors accuse him of espionage by publishing secret diplomatic documents on WikiLeaks. Assanges U.S. extradition request is still running.