Julio Poch gets unfairly in jail seven tons for years

Julio Poch receives an amount of 700,000 euros for the time he has been in an Argentine cell. The amount is based on the time the former pilot has been wrongly detained with reimbursement for his lawyer fees, writes Minister Ferd Grapperhaus to the House of Representatives.

The Dutch-Argentine Poch spent eight years in Argentina for possible involvement in the death flights at the time of the dictatorship in the 1980s. He was eventually acquitted.

Poch was arrested in Spain in 2009 thanks to the Dutch states cooperation. The House of Representatives showed itself frustrated about this in a debate, and also wants to investigate possible interference from the royal family.

The cabinet initially did not intend to pay Poch a fee, but returned to it in a Chamber debate. Grapperhaus pledged to double the normal daily allowance. The exact amount of the amount the former Transavia pilot could face was not yet clear.