‘Jumped hole in the air when I heard I can stay for the rest of season’

Cuco Martina is just a bit happy that he was allowed to sign a contract with Go Ahead Eagles. The 32-year-old defender plays in Deventer until the end of the season and jumped a hole in the air when he learned that Go Ahead wanted to work with him.
โ€œFor the past year and a half, I have trained a lot for myself in my hometown of Rotterdam,โ€ Martina starts talking to the club channel. โ€œWhen you sit at home, as a football player, you really realize what youre missing. Honestly, during that period, I found it difficult to watch football on television, because I felt fit enough to be on that field myself.โ€
That he was allowed to join the Go Ahead trainings did him well. โ€œAt Go Ahead Eagles, I was able to laugh again in the dressing room, smelling the grass, I was pushed by other players again to bring out an even higher level in myself. So I jumped a gap in the air when I heard that I
m allowed to stay with Go Ahead Eagles for the rest of the current season.โ€
Martina wants to play a role in the young dressing room of his new club with his experience. โ€œIf I believe in something, I go for it. That helped me get the most out of my career. Talent is not everything, the motivation and commitment to succeed must be brought as a football player yourself. I also hope to convey that within the selection of Go Ahead Eaglesโ€, concludes Martina, who played for FC Twente, Feyenoord and Southampton, among others.

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