‘Junta in Myanmar wreathmassacre, dozens of dead’

In Myanmar, according to aid organizations and media reports, the burned bodies of dozens of people were found. The victims are civilians who tried to flee their villages due to fighting by the Myanmar army, reports the Karen Human Rights Group to the German news agency DPA. That organization speaks of 35 deaths.

Save the Children also says that there were casualties. The aid organization reports the deaths of at least 38 people. Two Save the Children employees are also missing. โ€œThe military allegedly forced people out of their cars, arrested some, killed others and burned their bodies,โ€ reports the organization.

Save the Children speaks of a violation of international humanitarian law. To AP news agency, a resident of Mo So, in the eastern state of Kayah, says the civilians were on the run because of fighting between the army and rebel groups. A witness reports that some bodies have been burned in such a way that they can‘t be recognized anymore. Near Mo So is a refugee camp.

โ€œSuspicious Vehiclesโ€

The government did not respond to the reports, but in the state newspaper Myanma Alinn, guerrilla groups are reported that they would have driven in seven โ€œsuspiciousโ€ vehicles. They allegedly attacked security forces when they were ordered to stop. The state newspaper reports that the occupants were on their way to training to fight the Myanmar army.

Earlier this month, government forces were also accused of killing random people in a village. An opposition leader said the citizens were burned alive, and social media saw horrific images of a pile of charred corpses. Local rebels had detonated an explosive device at a crossroads in a village. An army unit then moved into the village to get revenge.

The BBC reported on Monday that the army tortured and killed dozens of men in multiple attacks on villages. The army leadership, which seized power in the country in February, did not deny the reports. It is estimated that at least 1300 deaths were killed in the country’s violence.