Jupiter Hell: Authors Postal: Brain Damaged to Release Spiritual Heiress Doom, the Roguelike

Studio Hyperstrange, known for heavy metal slasher Elderborn, the rental shooter Crossbow: Bloodnight and the upcoming Postal: Brain Damaged, will act as publisher of role-playing strategy with elements of the Jupiter bagel Hell. Over Jupiter Hell works studio ChaosForge, it became famous for free shooter Doom, the Roguelike, which then for understandable copywriter reasons renamed DoomRL or DRL. And their new project is declared as a spiritual continuation of the bagal.

In Jupiter Hell we have to fight the demons who settled on Jupiter. The game is made in the retro-style of the 1990s, but according to modern canons.

You can fight as a shooter with a view from above, quickly and spectacularly carrying hordes of demons. But many will prefer another option: a thoughtful step-by-step approach with emphasis on strategy.

In due time Jupiter Hell ran a campaign on Kickstarter, and among its honorary contributors there is the creator of the series Fallout Brian Fargo, XCOM designer Jake Solomon and one of the creators of Doom, Quake and Wolfenstein John Carmack. Currently Jupiter Hell is in early Steam access and gets very positive reviews.

Her release under the wing of the new publisher is due in August 2021. You can buy it before March 1 for 372 rubles.

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